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Twitter Can Help You Remember Your Wine!

If you’re like me, you can barely remember what you had for lunch much less the name of that fabulous merlot you ordered at the restaurant on date night. Or how about that pinot they were tasting at the art show over the weekend? You liked it a lot. But now you’re at the grocery store facing a wall of wine and you have NO IDEA what it was called.

There’s a cool new (FREE) tool called Wine by the Bar that you can use with Twitter to record wines when you’re on the go and then easily find them again when you need them.

Here’s how it works. You’re at a restaurant, wine tasting, or friend’s house and try a wine you love. You do a quick tweet and the name of the wine is saved instantly.

Let’s do an example with J. Lohr Chardonnay:

You tweet: @winebythebar 089121068823 J. Lohr Chardonnay oaky, buttery, leslie’s house

(that number you type in is the bar code — it’s 12 digits)

Within minutes you’ll get a DM back that says: http://bit.ly/WpVkr J. LOHR 2006 CHARD j. lohr chardonnay.

Now when you go to the grocery a few days later all you have to do is scroll your DMs and there’s the name of the wine. But what if somehow you erased all your DMs? Can you remember you tried it at Leslie’s house? If you can, then….

You tweet: d winebythebar search leslie’s house

You get back a DM that says: J. Lohr Chardonnay

Sip. Save. Search.

Sip your wine. Save your note. Search it later.

How easy is that? I’m going to be using it at a charity wine festival next weekend where there will be 70+ wines. I always lose that little sheet they give you or I put the golf pencil down and never find it again. So now I can use Wine by the Bar on Twitter to remember all the wines I like.

So let’s say I try a wine called Oak Grove Merlot

I tweet: @winebythebar 761666000413 Oak Grove Merlot may wine tasting great merlot $12 buy @totalwine

Wine by the Bar DM’s me #1 Oak Grove Merlot

And since I definitely want to share it with my tweeps when I try a yummy wine, Wine by the Bar will retweet my review automatically.

And next time I search for “Oak Grove” or even “may wine tasting” I’ll get a DM tweet with my review(s) back plus a shortened url link to all of my wine’s info on the web.

This is a really new app so there are still a few bugs. But it’s also a fun way to use Twitter. And as all you #tmwc moms know twitter+wine is a great pairing. If you try this out, let me know what you think. The developer is a friend of mine and he’d be really interested in your feedback. Cheers!

This post was originally featured on TwitterMoms, where I am a featured contributor.

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