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Getting to Know California’s Pinot Grigio

glass-of-white-winePinot Gris/Grigio is planted in all the major wine producing regions of the world. They very greatly from region to region. In California they tend towards light bodied with a crisp, refreshing taste. The reason the California wines made with this grape are often called Pinot Grigio is because of their similarity in style to the wine of Italy.

Things to consider when tasting a Pinot Grigio from California:

What color is the wine? Wines from this grape can vary from straw yellow in color to lemon yellow to copper pink.

What do you smell? Ripe fruit such as pears, apples or melon? Freshly cut grass? Flowers?

How does it taste? Tangy? Light? Do you taste almonds, vanilla, pine or smoke? Is it acidic — does it have a bite to it?

The taste of wine will often change with food. The great thing about Pinot Grigio is that it’s the perfect pairing for cheese & crackers. I like pairing local food with local wine so I’ve included a few California cheeses on the list tool

Gruyere- this semi-hard cheese is often used for melting (it is the main ingredient of that decadent gem known as fondue!). It is recognizable by the tiny holes in its brown rind. Gruyere is made in the mountains of Switzerland, and cave aged for a year. Its taste can range from fruity to a wonderful toasted almond flavor.

Humboldt Fog – Humboldt Fog contains a line of vegetable ash that runs through the center of the cheese. It is created by Cypress Grove Chevre, a U.S. farm specializing in fine hand-crafted goat cheese. If you can’t find it, just try the soft chevre you can get at the grocery store.

Mt Tam – This organic triple cream, made from Strauss Family Farms milk has an incredible mouth feel and fresh flavor. Hand made in small batches. Another triple cream that may be easier to find is St. Andre, one of my favorites.

Robiola due Latti – From the Italian Rivera. Made from a blend of cow and sheep’s milk. Creamy and rich but with savory qualities.

Stracchinos – A creamy fresh cheese made in the Lombardy region of Italy. Mild in flavor with great texture.

If you’re looking for something more substantial, you might try crab cakes or shrimp and scallop skewers with a little spice.


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